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Immo Route

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Immo Route is a multilingual portal for agents and private sellers who want to advertise on the international market and especially on the Dutch and German speaking market, as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Ads can be loaded by feed, or can be scraped from the website and they will be translated in a semi-automatic way. At least once a week a mailing is sent to property hunters containing new and changed properties.

Avantages Ubiflow

Beneficiez de la plateforme la plus rapide et d'une compatibilite maximale avec tous les logiciels metiers du marche.

Tarifs Ubilow

100 euros / year for agents with 1000 ads through an XML feed. 100 euros / year for agents with up to 100 ads on their website without XML feed. 15 euros for an ad of a private seller.

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